One Bedroom Apartments

All prices are for one person, a second person will cost $50/month.

Listings in blue have pictures, listings in black do not but all listed are available.


January 1 Move in:


214 S West apt 4, $475, bills paid

302 S Knoblock St Apt 4, $590 bills paid or $500 without elect., heat included

315 S Duck, apt 1, $680, bills paid, laundry included

308 W Maple Apt 1, $600, bills paid


Jan 12 move in

310 S Knoblock Apt 12, $475, Bills Paid


lease pending on 310 S Knoblock, Apt 14, $430 bills paid


The below listed are under construction:

214 S West Apt 5, (Studio), $400, Bills Paid


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